Joris and Tom of the Flanders Recorder Duo have a history with the German composer-novelist-pianist Sören Sieg. They gave workshops together and they have shared many musical projects. In the Summer of 2022 Sören approached FR2 with the question to record a cd with his own works for two recorders and piano – the maestro-composer himself at the piano! The project has taken shape meanwhile, and it contains many compositions; some newly composed (e.g. a dark praeludium to The Dervish and the Devil) and others arrangements of pre-existing material. The emphasis of the project showing the versatility of Sören’s style and of the recorder in combination with piano.

Click here to see a short video fragment of Magic Bubbles, the third movement of the suite Kampala Circus. Tom en Joris are performing on recorders by Geri Bollinger. Kampala Circus was originated as a work for tuba, viola, recorder and piano, commissioned by the Hanke Brothers, and was re-arranged for FR2. Listen to The Derwish and the Devil here:

The recording took place in July in Warsaw, Poland. FR2’s favourite sound engineer Ulrich Lorscheider was in charge of the sound! This cd is expected out end 2024, both as a physical cd as on streaming services. More info: