In search of the perfect recorder orchestra sound …

Since 2013, Joris Van Goethem and Tom Beets have held a series of one-day events for recorder, with the focus on orchestral playing.
There are 2 groups, a Chamber Orchestra and the Full Orchestra, with Joris and Tom alternating between the two. The Chamber Orchestra tackles the most difficult orchestral repertoire, one-to-a-part. The second Orchestra has a slightly less challenging repertoire and some doubling up of parts to ensure a very high standard is still achieved.

Come prepared

Participants can preview the music in advance and request their preferred parts and instruments. The final decision is with Tom and Joris, who will get in touch to allocate parts when registration is closed. You will be expected to practise your parts in advance so that everyone gets the most from the day.


November 12, 2023 (10:00 – 17:30)

East Horsley Village Hall, Kingston Avenue, East Horsley, Surrey KT24 6QT

(welcome from 09.30 on)
10.00 Session 1
11.15 break
11.45 Session 2
13.00 lunch
14.00 Session 3
15.15 break
15.45 Session 4
17.00 break
17.15 Informal concert

Application fee: £65, including drinks and biscuits.

Please bring your own packed lunch and anything else you might like to eat.


Chamber orchestra: Soeren Sieg’s Reiwa

(African Suite 28, 2019) – ATT BB Gb Cb (with optional SubGb & SubCb)

REIWA is the name of the new Japanese era, that started in Japan with the coronation of the new Tennō Naruhito on May 1, 2019. It is translated with beautiful harmony.

Soeren Sieg: The three movements play in different times and places. The first movement is about the last public performance of Tennō Akihito. When I read his farewell speech I was truly moved by the modesty of the words he chose. The music is to greet and honour him, showing joy, excitement, and thankfulness.

The second movement is about the atmosphere described in the preface of a Japanese poem collection from the 8th century, that gave the new era its name Reiwa: When I read it, I imagined a Japanese girl, standing at the window in the early morning, in early spring, smelling flowers and feeling the soft wind. This movement should be played with a lot of emotion, flow, and freedom.

The third movement now jumps in time and space. Japan enters the new Era. And people from all over the world wish Japan all the best for this new Age. Also the people from Africa! So I visioned an African village gathering and sending their best wishes to the land of the rising sun in their own musical style. „Best Wishes from Africa!“

Click here to see fragments of Reiwa score.

Orchestra: Rosemary Robinson, Sulgrave Suite

(2005) – SAA TTB Gb Cb

Sulgrave Suite takes its name from Sulgrave Manor, a charming Elizabethan house in the countryside in the neighbourhood of Northampton. Is was the home of George Washington’s ancestors. The piece was written for the 2005 Big Bass competition, and is scored S AA TT B Greatbass Contrabass. Sulgrave Suite is a rewarding piece, full of beautiful moments and with the most wonderful melodies and intense harmonies. There are five movements: Intrada, Air, Scherzo, Lullaby and Dance.

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