Inspired by FR2’s concert and teaching at the International Summer Course in Biezenortel in de Summer of 2021, the Dutch Pipers’ Guild commissioned a CD ‘best of bamboo’ with them. This project wil contain an opera omnia recording of all four works for pipes by Ralph Vaughan-Williams. Two of those are world première recordings. These four are: Duets (1933), Canzona for three pipes, Quartet (1939) en the lovely Viola Suite wih piano* (1939).

You can hear the original version of the Musette from Vaughan Williams’ Viola Suite here:

The Dutch Guild had Hen Badings write many pieces for them. We’ll be recording is festive Quartet for Pleasure 5. It goes without saying that there will be a lot of pieces for two instruments on this cd. The following composers (chronologically) will certainly make te cut: Conrad Pauman, Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Philipp Telemann, George Gerschwin en Soeren Sieg.

Tom rehearsing Vaughan Williams’ Viola Suite in Biezenmortel (NL), 22 july 2022

Following the tradition of the Pipers’ Guilds we will be making the instruments ourselves!