After months and months of preparation, we are now ready to tell the world about three upcoming projects. We’re excited!


Cd-project with Sören Sieg

Joris and Tom of the Flanders Recorder Duo have a history with the German composer-novelist-pianist Sören Sieg. They gave workshops together and they have shared many musical projects. In the Summer of 2022 Sören approached FR2 with the question to record a cd with his own works for two recorders and piano – the maestro-composer himself at the piano! The project has taken shape meanwhile, and it contains many compositions; some newly composed (e.g. a dark praeludium to The Dervish and the Devil) and others arrangements of pre-existing material. The emphasis of the project showing the versatility of Sören’s style and of the recorder in combination with piano.

Click here to see a short video fragment of Magic Bubbles, the third movement of the suite Kampala Circus. Tom en Joris are performing on recorders by Geri Bollinger. Kampala Circus was originated as a work for tuba, viola, recorder and piano, commissioned by the Hanke Brothers, and was re-arranged for FR2.

The recording takes place in July in Warsaw, Poland. FR2’s favourite sound engineer Ulrich Lorscheider will be in charge of the sound! This cd is expected out in the Winter of 2023, both as a physical cd as on streaming services. More info:

Foto 1: FR2 recording Sören Sieg’s The Derwish and the Devil in 2020

Foto 2: FRQ & Sören in Bamberg, 2017